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Current Projects

Agri-Tech Cornwall

Agri-tech Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly

Agri-tech Cornwall is a £10m initiative to create a new sector for the Cornish economy, helping the United Kingdom become a world leader in agricultural technology, and sustainability..

We will support ambitious small and medium-sized Cornish companies develop innovations to improve efficiency, profitability and resilience in the agricultural sector – in field or moor, forest or shore.
research project on mycotoxins


BovMycoTox project will investigate the effect of mycotoxins in ruminant feed on metabolism in ruminal tissue cells. Metabonomics is a technique that involves measuring and understanding the products of metabolism, which in turn can give a new insight into the way animal tissue responds to different diseases and providing opportunities for the development of biomarkers.


Are you a progressive dairy farmer?
Farm Health Online

Farm Health Online

Farm Health Online is a new web-based knowledge hub funded by the USA-based Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) programme, managed by the Rural Business School, providing practical advice and information on positive health and welfare planning and management to farmers, advisors, and veterinarians.

With an emphasis on sustainability and grounded in sound science, the site will contain comprehensive up-to-date guide of relevant diseases affecting cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry detailing the condition, aetiology and best practice methods of control and prevention, all presented in an accessible and user-friendly format.

Management & Business Skills for Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry

To further develop business management and people management skills within Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry, and to equip professional farmers, growers and foresters with the skills, knowledge and experience to become the next generation of forward thinking business people and industry leaders


The Peninsular Partnership for the Rural Environment is an important collaboration between four major institutions in the South West, designed to deliver more for agriculture and the rural environment. Individually all of the institutions are very highly regarded in their particular fields. Each has an impressive record of service to the land-based industries and the rural sector.

Together, the partnership is a powerful force for and in the South West. For stakeholders in the rural environment, it provides wider and exceptional expertise and more resources across more disciplines.

organic manure

Resource use efficiency skills

The world is changing, but here’s the secret...
stone walling

Rural Business Skills & Traditional Rural Skills

Support for rural skills development with range of part founded training courses, workshops and seminars

Skills in Agricultural and Horticultural Crops

New agronomy training opportunities for farmers and advisers.

SWARM Knowledge Hub

The RDPE funded SWARM Knowledge Hub provides a vast compendium of knowledge materials on resource management for farmers and growers, to help them manage natural resources efficiently and make the right business decisions.

It is largely divided into six key resource themes of soils, nutrients and manures, water, energy efficiency, renewable technologies and trees and wood.