The team behind the Farm Crap App have been busy working at incorporating all the feedback that we received from the industry.  We are proud to have launched the new Farm Crap App Pro which is available now for Apple and Android Devices.

What’s New?

There are lots of new features on the app which make it easier to use and get the financial and environmental benefits that come from efficiently using manures and slurry.

New features include:

  • the ability to map all the fields on your farm
  • individual crop nutrient recommendations from RB209, to allow you to complete field nutrient plans
  • the ability to take into account applications of compost, digestate and other products, including your own data from slurry or manure analysis
  • the ability to take into account the application method (dribble bar, trailing shoe, injection) and account for the increased nutrient availability that comes with these bits of kit
  • the ability to include applications of bagged fertiliser.

Where do I get it?

Best of all, the app is still free to use and download, and available on both Apple and Android devices. We have also developed a web version of the calculator, which is available here.

Click on the links below which will take you to the right place on the Google Play and Apple App store.

Farm Crap App pro for Android Devices (through the Google Play Store)

Farm Crap App pro for Apple Devices (through the Apple App store)