ABCD is a cross-Channel project aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of dairy farming in the Channel area. The partners, Finistère County Council, Cornwall Council and the Chamber of Agriculture of Brittany, are working together to increase the production of lower-carbon milk while improving working conditions and remuneration. The Rural Business School has been contracted to carry out the work in Cornwall.

A scientific approach, with trials on cows’ diets to reduce the emissions caused by using imported feed and utilise home grown fodder in Brittany and Cornwall.

The experimental farms of Trèvarez, in Finistère and Future Farm at Duchy College, are carrying out trials between the winter of 2021 and the winter of 2023. These will help assess the impact of feed ration changes on farms’ carbon footprint, economic balance and farmers’ work load.

A practical approach with a programme to support farmers in Finistère and Cornwall who want to reduce their carbon footprint at farm level:

  • 40 farmers in the UK Cornwall and 40 farmers in Finistère
  • Group meetings on the practices to reduce carbon footprint
  • Farmers’ trips to both regions to discover practices across the Channel and exchange knowledge between farmers.

ABCD is 80% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), via the Interreg France-Channel-England programme. Its total budget is €500,000, with the participation of the three official project partners.

The project is supported by dairy processors in each region, SODIAAL and EVEN for Finistère and Trewithen Dairy and Saputo Dairy UK for Cornwall. They will use their networks to ensure that the results of the project are disseminated to over 400 farmers and will integrate the results of the project into their actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

For further information about the project, please email Paul Ward or Rachel Abrahall