A college in Devon is launching an apprenticeship aimed at those wanting a career in agricultural business management.

Bicton College and Duchy College have revealed details of the Level 4 Agricultural Business Management apprenticeship, which will be delivered at Bicton College from September, alongside the successful delivery from The Business Space at Launceston.

Programme Manager at Bicton College and Duchy College, Peter Reed, said that students will analyse data from their place of work and “interact with the expert deliverers on how things could be tweaked to enhance their business”.

“Apprentices will also create a full business plan for a rent tendering application and pitch to the banks for capital as if it were a real life scenario,” he continued.

“It might sound a little scary, but it’s of huge benefit to those apprentices and farms who would like to take a closer look at the way they do things and move their businesses forward.”

Aimed at those who have already successfully completed a Level 3 qualification or are looking to up skill, this next step is great for those working in agriculture who are looking to take on some management responsibility.

This work-based qualification is 100% delivered by industry experts, meaning that apprentices will receive high quality, relevant information and skills for sustainable farming, in a part-time programme focussing on their current job role.

The modules covered include nutrition, breeding and fertility; health and disease; environmental management and energy efficiency; analysing and improving financial performance; planning, budgeting and managing cash flow; tenancy applications plus leadership and management.

Completed over a two year period and requiring college attendance just one day per week, businesses putting an apprentice forward for this qualification will benefit from increased performance, tighter financial control, improved responsiveness to changes in the market, identification of new opportunities and improved profitability.

The programme includes two residential trips to look at excellence across the country, and assessment will be mainly farm-based and ongoing throughout the two years, with regular visits from as assessor.

For more information on the Level 4 Agricultural Business Management apprenticeship, please visit 0330 123 4785 www.cornwall.ac.uk