The future for Rural Industries has never been more challenging

The domination of the food supply by multi-national companies, changing consumer attitudes, increased demands for countryside access and changes to government and political representation, nationally, EU wide and internationally, are just some of the obstacles which face the industry.

The Challenge of Rural Leadership now in its 24th year is managed by The Rural Business School at Duchy College, part of The Cornwall College Group, on behalf of the Worshipful Company of Farmers.

The course will take place from 12th to 24th Janary 2020 at Dartington Hall, Devon.

The Challenge of Rural Leadership course is suitable for individuals in management positions and comprises of an intensive programme of management and leadership skills as well as hosting speakers from significant and important organisations, and government agencies who contribute to the course delivery.

The aim is to provide high-achieving managers with the skills and capabilities to grow and thrive in continuously changing and increasingly challenging conditions.

This is a higher-managerial and strategic leadership course. It is designed to help you increase your influence on the rural community, both nationally and internationally, to gain a greater insight into the political, financial and environmental challenges affecting the future of rural industries.

The Worshipful Company of Farmers, offer financial assistance towards the cost of the course.

For more information please contact the Course Director, Richard Soffe on 0845 458 7485 or email