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Pet Chicken
10th April 2015

Keeping pet cickens, a short course delivered by Duchy College Rural Business School (part of The Cornwall College Group), has been nominated for two national awards at this year’s Pig & Poultry Marketing Awards.

The awards up for grabs are for the best Training Initiative and Veterinary Excellence and will be announced on Thursday 30th April at...

duchy bicton college partnership
1st April 2015

Today’s merger of Bicton College and The...

13th March 2015

The Farm Business Survey team at the RBS is busy collecting data from farms for the 2014/15 year.

A large number of our co-operators have their year ending at...

Challenge of Rural Leadership 2015
10th February 2015

Leadership skills came under the spotlight during the past fortnight for sixteen individuals currently working in management positions within the agricultural sector.


Calf jacket and heater protocol
9th February 2015

As this issue of The Rural Business School is being put together, the temperature outside has plummeted to below freezing.

Following a series of on-farm housing meetings...

6th February 2015

Where did all my profit go?! - profits in relation to fund flow

Research Officers for the Farm Business Survey (FBS) team visit 20 different farm types around the south...

Cornish brassica producers
4th February 2015

Cornish brassica producers debate with European counterparts at Brittany conference.

Some of the leading cauliflower producers and packers from Cornwall, attended ‘Congres international...

Philippa Smith
15th December 2014

Philippa Smith, a Research Masters student from Duchy College, is working in the lab and out on East Devon’s Pebblebed Heaths to find out.

Although her research is limited...

Jeremy Yabsley
11th December 2014

In the recent announcement of the proposed partnership between Bicton College and The Cornwall College Group (TCCG), the capacity of Duchy College’s Rural Business School was mentioned as...

Spearhead visit
1st December 2014

Last week the College hosted a visit from school heads, Spearhead directors and staff from both the UK, Romania, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The reason for...