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Advice for the Minister of Agriculture

Minister for Agriculture
Tuesday, 18 April, 2017 - 11:15

A group of innovative current and former Duchy College agriculture degree students from across Devon and Cornwall have formed ‘Counties Connect’, a discussion group with the aim of continuing their own development as they enter the world of work and develop their businesses.

Representatives of the group were able to tour the Houses of Parliament and visit local MPs Neil Parish (EFRA Committee Chair) and George Eustice, (Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) in London.

The MPs were so impressed by the students’ discussions around innovation that they were invited back for an ‘Innovative Young Farmers Workshop’ on 13th March to gather insights and views on what can be done by government and industry to enable more opportunities for new entrants and the next generation of farmers to help inform future policy development post-Brexit.

The group put forward some well-thought out ideas for the discussions.

The key aim was how to ensure policies support farm business planning and what can be done to tackle barriers to entry and exit in farming, so that there are more opportunities for talented new entrants and next generation farmers in the future.