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Deer Butchery Course

12th October 2017
09:00 - 17:30
Duchy College
Stoke Climsland
PL17 8PB
Food & Drink

A practical course in Deer Butchery.

You will learn the precise and intricate processes involved in how to grallock and butcher a deer then prepare the meat for sale.

Once you have the meat from the carcass, delegates will then explore how to add value by making venison sausages.

This workship is for anyone that would like to learn about butchery, but particulartly Deer Butchery or has in interest in game.

You will be able to butcher a deer, make the best use of the various cuts, and learn the delicate art of sausage making.

This course will also cover the legal guidelines for selling meat. Lunch is included.

Price: £135

For more information about this course or to enrol, telephone 0845 458 7485 or email