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BSc (Hons) Rural Business Management

Is this course for you?

It is for anyone with the relevant background who wants undertake a further year of study to gain a full BSc (Hons) Degree.  It is designed for students who have already taken a Foundation Degree or HND in agriculture or other land based and business subject. The subjects can be from the areas of agriculture, agri-food, equine, environmental management or leisure.

The Course – Key Points

This programme will develop the student’s existing knowledge to encompass the planning and management skills required to run a successful enterprise.   It is based on an analytical approach to problem solving and communication. The programme is highly flexible, allowing the students to study in detail a chosen topic through a research project and a selection of modules which are available in response to student demand. In some of the modules there will be opportunities for students to work closely with industry, businesses and the Rural Business School.   Changes and development in today’s business environment mean there are more opportunities to gain projects and effectively run them. Being aware of how to make a business flexible, manage the changes and develop creative ideas to make business sustainable will offer a great experience to enhance future careers.  

What will I be doing on the course?

This is a one year, full-time, modular programme. Attendance is two days per week, allowing the students to undertake part-time work to fund their studies.  Students must complete three compulsory modules: Strategic Management Issues, Marketing and an Honours Project, plus two optional modules.

The Strategic Management Issues module will help develop the understanding of different approaches to thinking and developing strategy. It has a large industry based element working with organisations. The Marketing module is designed to illustrate the dynamic influences on a business and the need for a planned approach to marketing through marketing management. The Honours Project module is a major piece of investigative research (twice the size of other modules in the programme) that students will undertake under the supervision of a personal supervisor. It will be in a subject that is of interest to the student personally, relevant to the course and has been agreed with the programme manager. It can also be a project that is developed with an industry or organisation. 

There will be a natural progression and evolution of knowledge and understanding through the two selected optional modules of the student’s choice. There will also be an opportunity for the students to extend their scope of knowledge through some of the optional modules. The Funding and Developing Rural Projects aims to identify funding routes with the rural sectors including both statutory and non-statutory organisations as well as the role and funding routes of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). It identifies projects, potential funding routes and builds up project bids. The Personal Development Planning module will allow students to focus on their own personal journey or aspiration or career development where the students will determine how they will be assessed with the support from specialist tutors. This includes writing their own assignment briefs.

There is also the possibility of combining some assessments with Chartered Management Institute qualifications, giving the students the chance to stand out from the competition.

BSc(Hons) Rural Business Management
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